How to Install

Watch Our Videos

Watch our short video clips to see how easy it is to attach a SmartCats StayHome cat fence to your existing fence. See whats in the pack and what tools you will need as well as how the wires are attached to various types of fences. Our full Installation Video will guide you through and you can watch it on your phone as you it to your fence.

Easy to Attach

Mount Brackets >>> Attach Wire >>> Connect Controller

Our SmartCats StayHome cat fences have been designed and manufactured to easily attach to your existing fence. we have designed them for you to put the cat fence up without the need for any special skills or tools.
Although our cat fences are intended for our customers to put up on their own, many of our customers, for various reasons are not able to or simply do not wish to put the cat fence up themselves. For these customers we suggest using a local handyman to attach the cat fence.
We do not provide an installation service.

What's in the Pack

Watch this short video to see what you will receive as the cat fence is unpacked and see the tools you will require to attach the cat fence.

Step 1. Mount the Brackets

Timber Fences

See the brackets for your timber fence and how they will attach to the top of your existing timber fence.

Metal Colorbond

Our Metal Fence brackets are specifically designed to attach to the top of your Colorbond fence. Watch as we attach the brackets to the top of your Colorbond fence.

Masonry, Brick or Rendered

Masonry, Brick and Rendered Fences require a nylon anchor for the brackets to screw into. Watch as we drill the holes and use the nylon anchor to enable us to attach the brackets.

Combination Fences

Many of our customers have a combination of different fences, some may be timber and some may be metal or masonry. The difference between our various options is the type of bracket that attaches to the fence. We are happy to provide the right combination brackets to suit your fences at no additional cost. Please contact us to discuss the combination you need.

Step 2. Attach the Wire

Attach the Wire

Watch this short video to see how the wire attaches to the brackets.

Step 3. Connect the Controller

Connect Controller

The controller plugs into a power point and has an LED light to show it is working correctly.

Full Installation Video

Download the Instruction Book PDF

Get Someone to Attach your Cat Fence

Many of our customers use a local Handyman to put the cat fence up for them. It does not require a specific tradesperson, just someone with a few basic handyman skills and some basic tools.

You can usually find suitable people advertising in your local paper or your local hardware store can usually suggest suitable people.

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