How to stop your cat from jumping the fence?

How to stop your cat from jumping the fence?

Do you want or need to keep your cat from roaming?

If you worry about your cat roaming the neighbourhood and getting into trouble or being injured you should consider a cat fence to allow your cat the freedom of your property without the risk of wandering away. Discreet and effective, this electronic system attaches to your existing fence to prevent your cat from leaving your property.

Our SmartCats Stayhome™ cat fence will keep your cat safely inside your property. Safe from busy roads and angry neighbours who may not want your cat visiting their property.

The SmartCats electronic controller plugs into a power point and a thin wire attaches to the top of your existing fence. A small electronic pulse in the wire creates a barrier that your cat will not cross. This is a cost effective and GUARANTEED solution to keep your cat safely in your property.

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